An off-season travel search tool

There’s more than Paris

Within Rigma.io we met with the Lufthansa Innovation Hub to work in a new project they had in hands. Their hypothesis was that they could increase bookings by offering deals off-season, and they wanted to make it in a way where the user would discover new places, but also get some tips about those places that he wouldnt normally get in an OTA.

We proceeded to work on a very tight schedule, and about one month later, we had our first version of DIFFTRIPS – and no, the name was not our pick.

As lead designer for the project, I took care of mapping cases to achieve a simple but meaningful user experience. Then along an art director we put together the look and feel of the site, resulting in what went online for a 6 month run.

Finally I helped coding the design, which was implemented in Javascript and Ruby on Rails.


We knew we needed a widget, but we didn’t wanna go with the classic “from/to” that most OTAs use, so we created a different input, where the user would either select a city or category, and then pick something specific about it (regarding price, how busy a place is, or weather). The result combined with our algorythm gave really good results, and affordable too.

“DIFFTRIPS is off season destination discovery at heart, but so much more. We look at currency exchange rates, cost of living, booking trends and local event data.”


Original concept – Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Easy booking

Our booking screen allowed to quickly book flights, and a suggestion of a hotel. The intention was to simplify it so much for the user, that we wouldn’t give options, it was a more “take it or leave it” approach. This tested positively, even if we ended up making some compromises for the final pages. The whole website was as well optimized to work easy and fast on mobile devices.

DIFFTRIPS was a campaign from Lufthansa’s Innovation hub which ran during 2017. Booking intention raised by over 10%, but due to lack of funding for the next stage, the project was shut down.