HelloFresh Go

Improving the user experience

After helping them quickly style a template into their website, I got a call for my first real task for the smart freezers from HelloFresh, improve their design and usability on their card registration and dashboard for bought products.
Every employee of a company with a HelloFresh Go fridge gets a card, which they will have to scan to pay for what they buy. But before this, the card needs to be registered and active.

Registration Flow

The process is quite simple, once the user gives his card number he needs to complete personal details and payment method. Nothing can be done until this is completed, which allowed for a very minimal and simple screen.


In this section the user has access to their purchases on the current week, the detail on how much they’ve spent so far this week, and a quick access to enable / disable their card(s).

Visualizing products
in an easy way

As purchases happen by one item or multiple, there was a special effort on transparency to show these products in the clearest way possible. At the same time, and as the system allows discounts and coupon codes, the user can easily see where he’s applied a discount.

Contextual components

Some card elements repeat across the system working as containers for special information or forms. In these examples we see the card-activation widget, the saldo information widgets, and a form widget.


The last important part of the redesign workflow was a screen where the user could see his spendings and invoices for the whole year and this week. Each receipt will be emmited along with the payment order each week, and in case there was a problem with the payment for one, this would be informed to the user.