Mein Dach

Digital branding & apps for a
roofing company's lead-generation tool

Redesign without
losing brand recognition

I started working for MeinDach on some small improvements, which after a successful implementation led to be allowed to modernize the brand, and align it with its newly found brand values.
The marketing department had a very comprehensive new brand and tone of voice guideline book, which still needed its graphic correlation. My job here was to lead and supervise the update and implementation.
One big constraint was that the company wanted to rebrand but “not too much”, therefore just a small tweak of the logo was suggested. The heavy work was done in the rest of the corporate identity, bringing consistency and trust into the product.


These are the newly found values for MeinDach. I was able to tackle the rebranding process which still was going to result into a more conservative proposal than other I’ve done, but that didn’t mean it had to be boring. The first step was defining brand colors, since these were going to be important accents in an otherwise minimalistic proposal.

A systematic refresh

One very important element was the illustration. The company has multiple apps which needed to be thought again, and they wanted to keep the technical/trustworthy aspect of defined lines and simple graphics as a representation of the brand.
As many illustrations were to be generated, instead of doing them all, I designed a grid with the right perspective that alongside the right colors and stroke widths would provide a consistent system, with many possibilities.

Making it “pop”

MeinDach counted with an extensive photograph bank from partners, and not many resources to make their own. In order to bring all these photography into the same system, we commisioned adjustments on a selection of about 50 photographs, where the levels were going to be calibrated, and the colors manipulated into looking like the ones on the brand, without losing a natural feel.

A big challenge in MeinDach was aligning the expectations of the main office, the tech department, the copyright supervisor and product owner. On top of this, the company works with many outside agencies, so the guidelines and examples had to be as detailed as possible, to assure a good implementation.

The wizard app

The main web application –still under process of updating– is what they call the wizard. This is a multi-step form which needed to be embedded in their website, and some partner websites  to collect the data from the project and be able to do some pre-filtering on the work.

The previous wizard had many inconsistencies because of the speed and requirements it was built upon, but mostly, it did no longer represent the work done on the brand and the new website. Therefor, it was re-thought from the ground up, starting with its user experience and into its UI.

The new Website

As a paralel project, the company asked to help with the re-design of their website. This was done simultaneously with the decisionmaking process on the brand, and applying the results of an extensive SEO workshop, along with learnings from data from landing pages.

The result is a minimalistic, calm and easy to read website. The value propositions and the copy come first, and there is no attempt to be decorative or fancy. The careful selection of images according to what the data provided, helped us creating a high-performing website which will be the base from next products to come.