Time Tracking Tool



No bullshit, just time tracking

This project goes back from my beginnings as a UX Designer, but still has my appreciation because of the simplicity of the design and the complexity of such a small tool.
I made the full web-app UX and UI for a Time Tracker tool that was developed by Getsense, a startup I was working for at the moment. The company wanted to build it as a product, but in case it wouldn’t take off, they’d want that at least it covers their time-tracking needs.

This was actually a modest but amazing approach, as in really creating a tool that would solve the problems this small company had when it came to time-tracking.
There are indeed many fancy tools for huge work environments, but mostly fail to become simple when the company just has few people or projects.
With this in mind I envisionedĀ a tool that would fit exactly to what this company needed, and being a freelancer working there quite some hours a week, I had enough research to do so.

Unfortunately, I could not get all the source files to display this in a nicer way, but here are a few screenshots I was able to keep in Ok Quality.