An experienced freelance designer for hire.

With over 10 years of experience in Product Design and User Experience, living in Berlin.

Former clients include

Why I am right for your project


I am able to work in any assignment, format or industries, with both technical and non-technical people

With the diversity of the projects I’ve tackled, I have developed a skill to quickly understand the problems in the industry and the target users of my customers.


I've got experience, not only as designer but as a developer, mentor and entrepreneur

My development and business skills allow me to guarantee a seamless integration of my work with other departments in companies and agencies.


I bring results driven by data and research, without compromising aesthetics

With me, you are not getting a Dribbble designer making “pretty things”, but someone who can solve problems and works iteratively on solutions that still can remain in your customer’s mind.


Connor Murphy

Venture Partner & CEO @ Bridge

"I brought Damian onboard for multiple UX projects, and he's always delivered great results. He is also super fast and professional."
Nick Morgan-Jones

Former Junior designer @ Door2Door

Damian was a fantastic mentor who guided me through my first year as a designer. He integrated me into the team smoothly and taught me the necessary skills to kick-start my career.
Stefan Maier


"Damián has an outstanding understanding of software development and technical requirements, which makes him perfect to work alongside our developers"
Marina Mursa

Product Manager @ Startup in the Food Industry

"Our consumers find the user dashboard designed by Damien to be very friendly and easy to use. The customer experience that he delivered continues to work seamlessly for over 2 years now."

Some of my work

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
HelloFresh Go’s new user interface
Product’s no-code digital marketing platform
YAS: A tracker for everyday fitness
MeinDach’s new Lead Generation tools
High Intensity Interval Training app
SplitMyFare’s train booking platform

Whatever you need, I’ve done it before.
Let’s chat about your project, no strings attached.