YAS: A tracker for everyday fitness

A tracker for everyday fitness YAS! is an app that tries to motivate people to track all forms of fitness, not just specific workouts. The founders believe taking care of one self means not only working ...

HelloFresh Go’s new user interface

HelloFresh Go’s new user interface About a year before they contacted me, HelloFresh had launched their fresh-food vending machines for big offices in Germany. They had iterated on a very interesting product for their office fridges, ...’s no-code digital marketing platform

Client: Services: Product Design, UX Website:’s high complexity no-code platform When a former colleague and two of his friends formed, a company that innovates on performance marketing automation, they wanted me to step in right away to develop ...

BVG’s conversational Facebook Messenger bot

Hackathon Project Herzi, the BVG's Facebook Messenger Chatbot This project was a participant (and winner!) of the Mobility Hacks 2016 Hackathon. The organizers were looking for new digital solutions for their brands, and we came up with ...

High Intensity Interval Training app

A React Native app for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) While working at, we developed a series of apps for iOS and Android using a new technology called React Native that allowed us to develop ...

MeinDach’s new Lead Generation tools

Client: MeinDach Services: Product Design, UX Website: New lead generation tools for MeinDach MeinDach used to be a small german startup that pursued digitalizing the tedious process of getting a new roof for an old house. This was a process that ...

SplitMyFare’s train booking platform

SplitMyFare’s train booking platform SplitMyFare had been running successfully for about a year taking advantage of a “hack” of the British Train System that made “splitting” the tickets into smaller journeys for the same trip result ...
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