Hackathon Project

Herzi, the BVG's Facebook Messenger Chatbot

This project was a participant (and winner!) of the Mobility Hacks 2016 Hackathon. The organizers were looking for new digital solutions for their brands, and we came up with one that took the BVG’s first prize.

We started with the following premise… if Facebook knows which events i’m going to (because I’ve RSVPd), then why do we need to look for public transport alternatives by ourselves? The whole process should be automatic.

So we developed Herzi, a Facebook Messenger bot that checks which events you’ve confirmed assistance to, and whenever it’s time to go, tells you which are the best possible routes.

Unfortunately Herzi stayed just a concept, but I feel it’s a great showcase of what good experience design is. The interface is just the media, and the real gold is in the value delivered to the user.

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