HelloFresh Go’s new user interface

About a year before they contacted me, HelloFresh had launched their fresh-food vending machines for big offices in Germany. They had iterated on a very interesting product for their office fridges, but they still had lots of friction when it came to signing users up and paying after purchasing products, because of their previous user area created by the developers of the software for their fridges.

I had previously worked briefly with them on the redesign of their corporate website, so I was familiar with the product. Overriding their old-fashion not so good looking interface, their main problem was that for the user of Hello Fresh Go, everything was happening at once in their platform.

HelloFreshGo is a fridge for offices of over 200 employees
The fridge requires their user to pay with a personal card

Photo credits: Hello Fresh

There were then three things to solve:

  1. How to onboard a user that receives a new Hellofresh card to set up his user and payment method.
  2. How to give the users an overview of how much they’ve spend, allow them to download receipts and manage their account.
  3. All of this had to be mobile-ready since most users were trying to access the old system on their phones without success.

The Signup process

For the first part, I came up with a simple step-by-step solution that removed all the clutter and let the user go through a wizard that made the signup a breeze.




Product Design, UX


The Overview Dashboard

The current overview had in consideration the average purchases per person, and some research that told us what those people wanted to see at all times. Thanks to HelloFresh’s high quality images of all their products, I decided to go for a very visual approach to display those items in a clear history.

Settings & Accounting

Across the sections of accounting and settings, the same approach of clean information drove the work.
The users would be charged not by item bought, but by time period (usually weekly), so they would need to be able to access their weekly receipts as well as an overview of the current spend for this period.

Also important, the settings screen would allow them to change the configurations made in the registration steps, as well as enabling the “pay with fingerprint” feature, that allowed them to not have to carry their card around.

A design to take on-the-go from the start

Since most people were going to be checking their balance or their activity in their phones, the design of this project was mobile-first, making sure all options and features were accessible from all mobile devices, and then ported to larger screens.

I am happy to say that over two years after this project, HelloFresh is very happy with the designs and continues to use them to onboard their customers.

Project Highlight
This project reflected faithfully my motto, that good design is simply good information architecture. I enjoyed solving it with a very minimalistic approach and almost 100% typography, but whenever there was the need for a nice graphic or icon, I made sure it was treated with a lot of care


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